Zoom to the North: Ba Be National Park

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Ba Be National Park

Ba Be National Park

Surrounded by a breathtaking waterfall, awe-inspiring rivers, natural lakes and caves, Ba Be National Park is one of the unique places to explore when you are in the north of Vietnam. This park is located 240 km north to Hanoi and most of the visitors to this park will go by chartered transportation from Hanoi with 6 hours journey. If you are looking for more adventure, you can take a bus from Hanoi Phu Thong for about 5 hours and from there, you need to take another 1-hour trip to Cho Ra before heading to Ba Be by using motorbike taxi.

This national park is located at vertically mountainous area (1554m) which is suitable for those who really love adventures and nature diversification. There are minority people of Tay living in this national park area and they stay in a stilt house. This park also has about 400 species of plants and more than 300 wildlife including wild buffalos, bears, deer, Vietnamese salamander, king cobra and monkeys.

This national park gets the name after three lakes, which are Pe Leng, Pe Lu and Pe Lam which is makes Three Lake or Ba Be in Tay Language. This lake is the largest fresh water lake in Vietnam with surface size around 3km to 5km depends on the season with 150 meter above the sea level, the highest lake in the country.

Dau Dang Waterfall (Thac dau Dang)

This waterfall located 16km from Ba Be District and 3km from Ba Be Lake and located at the entry point of Nang River to Tuyen Quang province. This waterfall existed when many stones blocked the river for about 500m length that make the scenery and is very beautiful. Even hunting for animal prohibited by the government, villagers and visitors are still allowing to fish and local people says that some weight of the fish at this waterfall and river area can be up to 10 kilogram

Puong Cave (Hang Puong)

This cave is about 30m high and 0.3km long, which easily navigated by river and this cave is completely can across the mountain. You may rent a boat with price about VND300,000 and it will take about 3 hours to explore the beauty of this cave. If you stop in the middle of the cave and turn of the boat engine, the only sound that you will hear is only the wind, water flow and small insects is humming. There are about 5000 to 10,000 of bats from various species living in the cave as well.

The admission fees for this national park is VND 10,000 per person and VND20,000 per car. Daily tour can be organized with the park staff with the price is depends on number of tour group. Normally it will cost about USD25 if you travel alone in the park and you may choose to expedite by boat, walking and canoeing and jungle tracking.

Not far from headquarter of the national park; there are some accommodations for you to choose. Some guest house will cost around VND200,000 per night and you also can rent a comfortable room which is a bit pricey at around VND350,000 per night. Optionally, you may try the “Homestay” at the stilt houses of Pac Ngoi village with price around VND100,000. The best part of choosing to stay in homestay is, everything is on board, and you will have chance to enjoy fresh fish from the lake in your meal.


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