The Vietnam Guide Writers

Who are The Vietnam Guide Writers?

We have some knowledge about Vietnam and love to share with the others. We talk about everything, from a Bad Vietnam to a Beautiful Vietnam. Not all, but some of us can talk about Vietnam all day (yes, crazy!). We have an online group and sometime we meet up.

If you are not the regular member but still want to share, you also can Submit a Story. We will help you to delivery your ideas.

Can I join?

Sure. You may be a person who:

  • have been living or traveling in Vietnam and want to share.
  • are Vietnamese and write good English.

Important note: If you are going to be a writer at The Vietnam Guide, register for an account manually, do not use the “Login with Facebook” function. Please do not ask Why, it wastes the time.


  • Friendship & Knowledge
  • Souvenirs (Colourful T-Shirts… 😀 )
  • Money for regular writers and good quality articles.
  • You expect more? Please feel free to drop us a line then we can dicuss.

How to join?

Simply send your email to writers<at> (replace <at> with @), tell us why you want to join and do not forget to attach some of your writing samples. Please do not send the membership request to our online Group without an email sent to us, otherwise, your request will be rejected. If you are new to The Vietnam Guide, we suggest you to try Submit a Story first, maybe you can learn something before joining us.

We want to help people enjoy our Vietnam, and to help Vietnamese learn about other cultures. - HungTVG, founder of The Vietnam Guide
My objectives are to begin the discussions to evaluate where Vietnam fits in the world today. Maybe we can all learn a few new things. - Paul Kiley, writer
I have many years of life experience to share with you and I have much love and compassion for the youth and people of Vietnam. - Richart Bee, contributor
The Vietnam Guide has introduced me to many aspiring young people of Vietnam. We have shared stories of our families, our villages, our hopes and dreams. Together, we are building an understanding of what will be peace and prosperity in our future. Meeting my many friends and sharing some time with them was the happiest part of my recent trip to Vietnam. I love you all. - Paul, member