Note for Expatriate Bosses: Ideal Working Environment for Vietnamese

Everybody has their ideal working environment and this will be one of their consideration factors before accepting any job offer. Local Vietnamese do have their own consideration no matter what generation they come from in determining their career path.

State Enterprise or Private Business

According to research by a market research company Cimigo Vietnam, among 1000 Vietnamese in Saigon, 6 in 10 Vietnamese women choose to work in state enterprises and 6 in 10 men choose to work in private businesses. Most of them are definitely looking for job security and satisfaction. For women workers, the workload in state enterprise is normally lesser and it’s come with a standard salary system. Meanwhile for man, working in private business is more promising with a higher pay which is important for them to support their family monthly expenses and needs.

Salary Stability & Incentive

It is okay for Vietnamese to earn a low stable salary with lower risk instead of facing a high risk with high salary for their career. In other situation, minimum wages with higher commission does not really attract Vietnamese towards employment as they prefer to have security and stability. Most of matured employees choose to have a stable normal salary without any commission.

Job Mobility & Outside Communication

There are numbers of Vietnamese that prefer to work with less travel requirement. This might be happening because of early marriage and having small children will make traveling is inconvenience for them. The cost to send children to child care centre is increasing and many parents will feel it as a financial burden. However, the trend will slowly change when the children grow up and the family is more independent.

Computer Based Work & Indoor Job

Majority Generation Z’s workers prefer to do computer based work such as online business, market research, analysis, accounting & administration work. Different situation happened to mature workers who prefer fewer computers related job and more into communication based job such as outdoor sales and meeting up with customer in coffee shop for dealing the business.

The same happened to indoor based job which is in top list of young generation’s career of choice. Some says that, hot and raining season with pollution in the city is one of the reasons for fewer people choose to do outdoor jobs.

The Spirit of Entrepreneurship

According to the same research by Cimigo Vietnam, three-quarters of Vietnamese prefer to work by themselves. You can see many young company directors and CEOs in Vietnamese business market. The factors such as low capital needed to open company, higher education capabilities and influence from global entrepreneurship growth encourage local Vietnamese to have their own business instead of working with others.

As an expatriate employer, all the above can be determination factors for your to make your job offer competitive in order to attract local talent to work in your company. With local habits and working interest, incompatible offers might not sustain the employee that you hired to work longer in your company with high productivity.

Executive Search: Get Local Talent with International Competencies

Current economic growth has attracted numbers of worldwide Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to Vietnam. This positive growth had contributed towards human capital development in organization and challenging recruiters to be more competent in sourcing suitable candidates for their company. Assigning Executive Search & Job Placement Agencies such as Navigos Group, Adecco and Vietnam Manpower Solution is another option for employers to speed up the recruitment process and engaging the best person on board.

Specialization by Industry

In every organization, there will be various divisions and vacancies which need recruiters to be expert in the area. For example, one Executive Search agency may specialize in banking and financial recruitment and some other may be good in pharmaceutical industries. By using Executive Search agency, they know the market and most of Executive Search Company are very focus on certain industry which is general HR did not.

Skill Oriented

Headhunters are target oriented. One of their missions is to fulfill their client’s recruitment assignment within the timeline. Headhunters have professional skills which normal HR people do not possess or use very often. Headhunters are trained with skills such as how to cold call candidates from competitors and how to determine whether the candidates are interested with any carrier movement opportunities.

High Confidentiality

By using a third-party resource, they can bring a very high confidentiality during the search. They can neutrally approach competitors without being noticed. For an example, if a HR from Parkson does a cold calling to Metro Cash & Carry, it might sound like this, “Hello, my name is Phung, head hunter from Parkson, can I speak to your Director of IT?” If the head hunter can get through the person, there will be some internal chatty talk among the company members, and the Director of IT may be discredited by Metro Cash & Carry if he accepting the offer from Parkson.

Negotiation Buffer

Outsource head hunters can act as a negotiation buffer between the company and candidate. Sometimes, your offer is below than the candidate’s initial requirement and it is good to have the head hunter as a third-party person. This person will be good benefit when involving a tough negotiation as they will communicate on behalf of you and nothing is said directly to candidates from your company. This is a good way for clients to avoid from any hard feeling and vise versa during the recruitment process.

Return of Investment (ROI)

You may think that utilizing an Executive Search agency is very costly. The truth is, you will get a better Return on Investment (ROI) in many aspects. Executive Search agencies will be able to cut your hiring expenses and time to find your desired talent. You do not need to do any newspaper advertisement, spending time to screen your incoming application and first interview arrangement because the agency will do everything for you. In terms of productivity, your business will continuously move on as soon as the candidate already comes in and delivering your work demand.

With this in mind, it is truly worth it to utilize Executive Search agency to fulfill your human capital needs and spotting the best talent for your organization.

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