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There is a Group of Phu My Hung expatriate Neighbours living around the area. This is a private group and there are 2 ways to join:

  • Making a membership request to the group and waiting to be approved. You may be rejected if considered as advertiser/ spammer/ not expatriate.
  • Being invited by an other member. (The fastest way)

You will be banned from The Vietnam Guide if you post any advertising or spamming stuff in this group.

Note: there is also an other group called Phu My Hung Neighbours available on the internet. I just want to let you informed so you won’t be confused, this is not that “Phu My Hung Neighbours”. This group you are reading is for foreign residents living around the area and available on The Vietnam Guide. If you do not know The Vietnam Guide, it’s an information source covering Vietnam topics, providing news and tips for people traveling, living and doing business in Vietnam. It’s also a social network providing tools to help connecting Vietnam Expats together.

  1. August 28, 2012

    Doan Tri

    I want to join your group

    • August 28, 2012


      Sorry Doan Tri, but this group is for Expats only.

      • August 17, 2013


        Hi, can you add me to Phu My Hung neighbours. I am an expat in PMH and need to use your website if possible

  2. September 1, 2012

    Melissa Isaacson

    Hi, I am from the U.S. and am teaching at the Tiepei School this year. I would love to meet some folks. around here. I am renting a room at one of the villas in Cien Vien (sorry about the spelling).
    I am looking forward to hearing from you,

  3. September 4, 2012


    hi, I come from VN. I want to get to know you to improve English vocabulary. Give me your yahoo account 🙂 thanks all.

    • September 4, 2012


      Hi Chi, sorry but this group is not for learning English, it is for expats living around the area

  4. September 19, 2012


    Hi, my name is Nicole and I’m new to Vietnam. I’m hoping to meet some new people and also gain some assistance with my relocation. I’m working here as an English teacher and have just arrived from Hong Kong. I’m hoping someone gain provide me with help on obtaining and live – in domestic helper to take care of my daughter and the house.
    I hope you can add me to your group and look forward to hearing from you!

    • September 20, 2012


      Hi Nicole, if you want to join the group you shall request yourself. You may do as the instruction above. Fist, register for an account. Second, go to the group to make the membership request. Very easy.

    • November 12, 2014

      nery bredes

      good day mam nicole im willing to apply as domestic and taking care of your daughter pls contact me 01204809581

  5. October 2, 2012

    Apolonio Rama labus jr.

    I’m a Pilipino I like to join your group coz… I like to looking a job… Tnx

  6. October 29, 2012


    Hi, I am a teacher at RMIT District 7 and cannot join phu my hung neighbours. It seems impossible unless you know somebody who is a member. Can anyone help me join?

  7. November 2, 2012

    Loke Swee Pan

    Hi I wish to join your group and interact with expats in PMH for mutual help when needed. Thanks.

  8. November 6, 2012

    Myrna P. Pato

    I joined the group, am looking for a job…. I am a QA/Garment Technician

  9. November 19, 2012


    Hello! New to HCMC and interested in connecting and finding new information around the area.

  10. November 25, 2012

    Aleksandra Nicot-Berenger

    I would like to join you I live IN Phu my Hung, My Gia 2

  11. November 25, 2012

    Aleksandra Nicot-Berenger

    I would like to join you i live at My Gia 2 , Phu my Hung

  12. December 18, 2012


    can you show me how to join this forum , i wanna find a job in this page , iam living at Thủ Đức distric

  13. January 27, 2013

    Carole Mann

    I am an expat living near Phu My Hung bridge and would like to join your group. Would you please consider my request and let me join. Thank you.

  14. February 4, 2013

    Brian Hunt

    Hi there, Looks like I will be moving to this area soon for international teaching. We would like to join this group, but I also have a question. If we were to bring a dog over, what is the availability of dog food, and kenneling for when we go away on holidays?

  15. February 8, 2013


    I am french, just coming in hcmc. I would join the group.
    Thank you

  16. February 18, 2013


    Hi I’m MJ, my family are staying in Sky Garden, Phu My Hung. I would like to know how to be part of this group?

  17. February 18, 2013


    Hello everybody.
    I’m looking for a Dog. Not puppies.
    If someone have one dog for me, please contact me. I live in D7.

  18. March 1, 2013


    I would love to be a part of this group. Just relocated here from Canada and wanting to meet other expats and be a part of the phu my hung community!

  19. June 11, 2013


    Hello guys,
    i am from Cologne, Germany. How can i get a membership of Phu MY Hung Neighbours?

  20. June 27, 2013

    Flordeliza M.Sison

    Please allow me to join the group im new here in Vietnam. Tnx

  21. October 12, 2013

    Andy Hinks

    Hi I am an expat from Australia living in Vietnam and have been 1 year in Nha Trang and have now been living in District 2 for the last yaer. I would like to join your group… cheers !

  22. October 20, 2013


    Hi,I’m a new expat have been leaving in for 3 months . I wanna connect with expats in vn. Can I join your group ?

  23. October 26, 2013

    Đinh Quang Tùng

    Hi, I’m living in HARV, Thao Dien, I’m now a promoter for PARTY LIVE. We’re having a REALLY AWESOME Halloween House Party at 38 number 10, Le Thuoc, Thao Dien. It will starts at 1pm 31/10. This is the very FIRST AND ONLY Halloween party in Vietnam. If you want more information about this party or order ticket to join it, please contact me: 01664292067 (Tung) or email linkinpark_2309@yahoo.com

  24. March 5, 2014

    Speech Coach Jerry

    Hi, I’m likewise an expat and I do Speech and Body language Coaching.

    My clientele mostly are expats. I would like to join your group to help out members on issues regarding speech .

    I’ll be willing to provide free advice. Additionally, making friends is my main purpose.

    If anybody wants to ask anything about speech problems , delivering effective presentations, body language, and developing a great English speaking voice, please feel free to contact me at 01228818606. Thanks:)

  25. May 6, 2014


    I am peter who would like to join this group . To make friend and share about cultures from around the world . Hope to connect with people in here .

  26. June 2, 2014


    I would like to join this group. I am living in District 9, and works for Saigon Hi-tech Park. How can i get a membership of PMH Neighbours?

    Thanks a lot.

  27. June 11, 2014


    I am Sona who would like to join this group.

  28. June 13, 2014


    My husband and I have just settled in Phu My Hung and we would like to get to know the area we live in and people like us living near us by exchanging experiences each other. Hope to hear from you soon.

  29. July 2, 2014


    My family and I are moving to Ho Chi Minh City in a few weeks and I would like to join this group to meet other expats

  30. July 8, 2014


    Hi, I’ve just moved here and I’m busy looking for an apartment in Phu My Hung. I heard that this group is helpful in this regard, thanks!

  31. July 26, 2014


    Hi I am an Australian who has just arrived to Phu My Hung as I will be teaching at an international school here. I would love to join the group. Thanks so much.

  32. August 2, 2014


    Please let me join the group
    im new here in Vietnam. Tks a lot

    • September 7, 2016


      i’m living in Phuoc Kien Nha Be, near Phu My Hung, District 7, HCMC. You need a maid to clean your house, housekeeping and cook Viet Nam foods
      I need a part time job. Pls call me 0908 274 309
      Free time in the morning from 8h00 to 11h00
      Thank you very much

  33. August 5, 2014


    Hey id like to join this group as il be moving to phu my hung next month. How can i make the mebership request?

    If there are any expat parents id really like to talk to you for some advice before we move. Thanks a lot

  34. August 5, 2014


    Hey please add me. I will be moving to puh my hung next month and would love to meet some other parents. My is 14 months old. Thanks

  35. August 7, 2014


    It very good

  36. August 16, 2014


    Toi muon gia nhap phumyhung neighbours

  37. August 16, 2014


    I am like phumyhung neighbours

  38. September 7, 2014

    Nguyen Ngoc Hong

    Hi All
    I am Hong, i com from Vietnam
    Can anyone recommend an English teacher (native speaking) to help with my English for work?
    Thanks, Hong

    • November 12, 2014

      nery bredes

      ok sir you can call agnes alcoriza shes english teacher and you can contact this no,01216553075

  39. September 15, 2014

    Patti Laplume

    My name is Patti and I have recently moved to Phu My Hung as an expat with my husband. I am interested in joining your group to meet other expats living in my area.

  40. September 21, 2014

    Tim Glennom

    I would like to join this group. I am from the USA.

  41. September 21, 2014

    Tim Glennon

    I’m sorry, I mis-typed my name in my initial comment. The correct spelling of my last name is G L E N N O N.

    Thank you

  42. October 3, 2014


    hello, nice to meet you.everybody

  43. October 3, 2014


    hello, makefriends now 0939726278

  44. October 11, 2014


    I would like to join Group

  45. October 14, 2014

    Riza geminiano

    Hi,my name is Riza and I work here in phu my hung for almost 7years. And i am interested to joining your group..

  46. November 19, 2014

    Nery bredes

    Hi good day im leaving here in hung vuong 1can i join this group

  47. November 20, 2014


    i am interested in joining your group , plz add me.

  48. November 25, 2014


    Hi I would like to join the group.

  49. March 17, 2015


    I want to join tour group. Kindly add me please. Thank you

    • March 17, 2015


      I want to join your group. Kindly add me. Thank you

  50. March 17, 2015


    Kindly add me to your group. Thank you

  51. March 20, 2015


    Hi… Can you add me to your group

  52. March 21, 2015

    hi i would like to join this group

    teaching at ABC Int SChool in D7

  53. March 21, 2015

    hi i would like to join this group

    teaching at ABC School d7

  54. April 25, 2015


    hi,i want to join in this group..,i live in phu my hung…

  55. April 25, 2015


    Hi,my name is riza,im from phiippines,i would like to join in this group.

  56. May 4, 2015

    BUI JC

    Hello Nicole,
    I’m Chieu and I’m new in Phu My Hung area . I and my husband just moving here for couple of weeks , my husband is working for RMIT here as an Marketing lecturer . We interesting to join with your group and looking forward to hearing from you .
    Thanks for big help .
    Bui JC

  57. May 4, 2015



    I live in phu my hung and wanna network with the expat through your group.

    I am from africa.


  58. May 29, 2015

    Peter Cadelina

    Hi I join Phu My Hung group I live in Hung Voung 1 and I have Filipino Restaurant and Grocery at 567 Ngyen Thi Thap St. Dist 7 HCM any one can order our pride Cebu Chicken Wings & Pork Barbeque … as part our service Visa to all foreigner… also our Balik Bayan Box to Philippine call us 37755583 0904263649

  59. June 6, 2015


    Pls add me to this group. Thanks.

  60. June 7, 2015


    I wanna join this group 🙂 thanks

  61. June 14, 2015


    Hi i would like to join in your group my name Cynthia living in phu my.

  62. June 14, 2015


    I would like to join in your group.my name is Cynthia

  63. June 28, 2015


    Can I post a classified add on Phu My Hung Neigborhood for moving out sales ?

  64. July 23, 2015

    Terra McKinney

    Hi there,
    I’m researching a move to HCMC with my husband and 2 year old and would love to get a feel for your neighborhood. Looking forward to joining your group.

    Thanks much,

  65. September 21, 2015


    I am living at Phu My Hung. I would love to join the group for helping me know more about the arounding area, get and share useful , interesting information to each other. Thanks!

  66. December 5, 2015


    I am a Canadian teacher living here in phu my hung. I would like to join the phu my hung expat group. Could someone please add me?

  67. May 29, 2016


    I want to join the group, but I can’t figure out how. The link you provide just redirects back to this post. I don’t see any link for joining. Please help.

  68. August 24, 2016

    Claire clarke

    Hi there, my name is Claire Clarke and my family and I have just moved to Ho Chi Minh city from Newcastle, UK. We have been here for a few days now and heard about this social network. We would love to join to meet new people and possibly search for second hand furniture. We have two children, 5 year old and 11 months.

  69. February 15, 2017


    My name’s Phương, I’m 32. I can speak a little English, I have experiences as nanny or housemaid, can clean up, wash dishes , laundry, iron.. cook basic Vietnamese food. I have an 8 yrs old girl , so I can take care for children. I’m honesty, carefully, dynamic, kindly, love kids ..I’m looking for a part time job around 7 a.m to 12 a.m (Mon-Fri) or 1 p.m to 4 p.m (Mon- Sa) in the afternoon, at gò vấp, phú nhuận district, district 1, 3 or area near tan son nhat airport. Price: 50k/h. I’ll try to best for you.

    Please give me a chance, you can call me 01228673370( if you can’t call me, you can send me a message, please), i have zalo with this number.

    Or contact me at email: ilthd1810@yahoo.com, skype: ilthd1810.

  70. June 28, 2017

    Joel Spezeski

    Have built a house in PMH, in the old reporters area. I would like to join. American who has been in VN for ten years.

  71. August 22, 2017


    Dear Phu My Hung Neighbours

    I have received a letter from you banning my email address: vietnamartflash and I am not sure why as I have never posted anything on here. Would you be able to lift the ban. I have copied the content below. Thank you very much,

    Banned Content Warning
    The group you are attempting to view (PhuMyHungNeighbours) has been identified as containing spam, malware, or other malicious content. Content in this group is now limited to view-only mode for those with access.
    Group owners can request an appeal after they have taken steps to clean up potentially offensive content in the forum. For more information about content policies on Google Groups see our Help Center article on abuse and our Terms of Service.

    Many Thanks


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