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Moving to Ho Chi Minh city

As with any long distance move, people moving to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam will have many questions and concerns about their temporary or permanent living conditions. If that statement describes you, then you should read on to learn more about what you can expect while living in Ho Chi Minh City. Knowing a little bit more about the history, economy, and recreation of Ho Chi Minh City will certainly help you prepare for your long distance move.

The Rich History of Ho Chi Minh City

Formerly known as Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city in Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh City began as a small, swampland fishing village called Prey Nakor. At that time, the Khmer people inhabited Prey Nakor and they remained there for hundreds of years until Vietnamese refugees arrived.

Ho Chi Minh City has been affected by several influences throughout history including the Trinh-Nguyën civil war, rule by the Nguyën Dynasty, French colonization, and the Vietnam War. During the Vietnam War, Saigon actually fell along with the spread of communism from North Vietnam into South Vietnam. As a matter of fact, Ho Chi Minh City was named in honor of the notorious communist leader, Ho Chi Minh. But since that time, Ho Chi Minh City has emerged from its difficult history as a modern, cosmopolitan sea port.

Ho Chi Minh City: A Thriving Economy

After moving to Ho Chi Minh City you will notice that the city is pretty fast paced. Comparable to major metropolises in Asia, Europe, or North America, Ho Chi Minh City boasts its own stock exchange, many skyscrapers, high-rises, and shopping centers, which attract over 300,000 global companies to do business with the city.

Clearly, Ho Chi Minh City is vital to Vietnam’s economy as a whole, but it is actually responsible for 20 percent of Vietnam’s GDP. So, Ho Chi Minh City is the financial capital of Vietnam, but surprisingly, it is still very affordable to local residents and visitors alike. This is because the city offers cheap locally made goods in addition to more expensive imported goods. Therefore, you can easily find what you need for a reasonable price.

So Much to Do and So Little Time to Do It In

Needless to say, moving to Ho Chi Minh City will grant you plenty of opportunity to shop and find great deals in both smaller superettes and larger shopping malls. If you enjoy trying new cuisine with friends and family, then Ho Chi Minh City has a plethora of restaurants ranging from street corners to fine dining to satisfy your taste buds. Moreover, getting physical or active will be a breeze for you, because in Ho Chi Minh City you can choose from over 200 gyms, over 80 swimming pools, and over 90 football fields for additional recreation.

Hopefully, after reading this article you have become more comfortable with the idea of moving to Ho Chi Minh City. While living there you will most likely feel right at home.

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