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The outside world has now discovered the importance of visiting Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. One of the major reasons is that for every modern-day explorer, its cultural identity is a must. Being the Indochinese Peninsula stretch, with its Red River Delta and alpine peaks, Vietnam reaches from the north, from the high temperate plateaux at the center to the Mekong River in the south.

Wonderful Culture

If you really want to witness the unique culture and heritage of Vietnam, you should witness the modern life in Ho Chi Minh City. You will definitely be surprised when you see the multi-cultural city with its thousands of motorbikes, french-inspired and Asian cuisine, and Ben Thanh Market. This is the market to visit because it is one of the 40 markets serving the low-class people. You will be served by hundreds of vendors with the narrow maze of stalls where all kinds of things can be bought, from fine silk fabric and cobra wine to the latest electronic products. The method of buying things here is different from the western system – do not open your wallet when you are given a price; you should be ready to bargain.

Ben Thanh market

Ben Thanh market

If you love anything about history, you will definitely love to be in Ho Chi Minh City when you see the extensive temple grounds and architectural buildings like the Dai Nam Quoc Tu Temples and the Bao Son Mountains, dating back to the Hung King era. Museums with their myriad genres also characterize Ho Chi Minh City; you will come across the War Remnants Museum which usually reminds one of the Vietnam War with exhibits like the appalling “tiger cages” for prisoners of war, M-48 Patton Tank, the “UH-1 Huey” helicopter, and the displays of the My Lai massacre.

The captivating Fine Art Museum is another place that every foreigner should always visit; this is also charming face bringing the past to the present in artistic delights, with an embodiment of current virtuosos and amazing works of the times of Khmer and Cham. Some other museums that should always be visited are the History Museum, the neo-classic Revolutionary Museum, the Museum of Southeastern Armed Forces and the Ho Chi Minh City Museum.

Other Interesting Places

Ho Chi Minh City will also welcome you with the Mekong River and its surrounding buildings, one of which is a good example of the neo-Romanesque architecture, known as the Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica. The Reunification Palace is also one that is fascinating – a symbol of the independence of Vietnam and the site of the home of the President.

The Food

Ho Chi Minh City is one of the cities in the world where different kinds of foods are sold, which to westerners are “exotic”. You should not be afraid to try some of those street foods – you will really be surprised at how delicious they are. If you want to travel to the city to enjoy any of those things, a travel guide is the best person to discuss with.

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