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    @emerald: I am not an economist and I can only speak for the "middle-class" Americans. Where once our Government ruled and regulated the country, Industry has found ways to subvert their power. In 2008, you saw the pinnacle of their success. They took advantage of our high and trusted position in the world Economy, and while our Govenment was sleeping, sold Billions of Dollars of worthless investments to the world. We have laws against this, but the Government did not fully understand the investments and trusted these Investment Companies. Soon Countries and Banks all over the world began to fail, as you see today. A few people walked away with Billions of Dollar and yet no one was arrested or jailed. This was a well-planned strategy to take advantage of our "incompetence" in certain areas and human greed. It will cost the US our world prominence, everything we have tried to build since 1946, and no one is held accountable.



    hi everybody
    my name is ngoc, i come from to haiduong,i’m new member,

Viewing 2 posts - 21 through 22 (of 22 total)

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